Hunting Apprenticeship Application

The Hunting Apprenticeship is now FULL for the 2017-2018 season.  To be added to the waitlist, please complete a registration form (below).


  • Optional, but highly recommended (Sep 16, 17): VT Hunter’s Education Class
  • Weekend 1 (Oct 21, 22): Intro/Hunting games/Awareness/Intuition (Guest instructor Neill Bovaird on Oct 22)
  • Weekend 2 (Nov 18, 19): Deer Hunting / Weapon Use
  • Weekend 3 (Dec 16, 17): Scouting / Squirrel Hunt
  • Weekend 4 (Feb 10, 11): Tracking/Trailing
  • Weekend 5 (Apr 21, 22): Turkey Hunting
  • Weekend 6 (June 9, 10):   Butchering & Food Preservation / Cooking / Wrapping the Bundle


  •        Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm
  •        Sunday: Sunrise – early afternoon

These hours are subject to minor changes, in consultation with all participants.



  • The apprenticeship includes one actual hunt — a squirrel hunt in December— which is optional.  To participate in the hunt, you must have completed a VT Hunter Education Course and possess a current Vermont Hunting license. You have the option to take this course through Vermont Wilderness School, taught by Bob Etzweiler and Nicole Meier, on September 16 & 17.  You can also take the course on your own at another time.  (See their website for course dates.)
  • Owning a hunting weapon is not required to participate in the apprenticeship.  If you do plan to obtain a hunting weapon and a hunting license before the December squirrel hunt, Bob is available to guide you through that process after the apprenticeship begins. 
  • This is not a “primitive skills” hunting apprenticeship.  However, the skills taught will support all types of hunting.
  • There will be optional homework, designed to take the teachings of the course further.


Complete the registration form below.

Deadline to apply is September 1.  We will respond within 2 weeks of receiving your application.

A $150 deposit will be due within 7 days of your acceptance to the program, to reserve your slot.  The remaining balance is due Oct 1.  Please pay via the payment box at right –>

Cost: Sliding Scale: $900 – $1200. Actual per-person cost is $1000. Participants provide their own food and accommodations.

Upon acceptance to the program, please complete the “VWS Medical Form” via the tab at the bottom of this page.