Wildlife Tracking Day

Human hand next to track in snow

Date: Sunday, February 4th, 2018, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Location: Hogback Mountain Conservation Area near Marlboro, VT
Cost: $40 – 60 (sliding scale). Scholarship available.
Ages: adults 18+. Motivated youth considered.

Tracking in Winter

Snow on the ground leaves beautiful clues for the curious tracker. Come join the Vermont Wilderness School to build your ecological literacy and find out what the animals are up to in the cold weather! Right now Bobcats are seeking prey, coyotes and foxes are marking in preparation for the February mating season. Whose tracks will we see? Who will we be able to trail over the snows? Come with us and find out!

In this beginner-friendly experiential workshop we will wander over the beautiful Hogback Mountain conservation area covering basic tracking curriculum, connecting with the natural world around us, making friends with fellow trackers, and having fun!

Instructor Bio

Kathy dean

Kathy Dean is has been teaching in the outdoor adventure and nature connection fields for more than 20 years. Together with Jean Bergstrom she co-founded Her Wild Roots, which offers nature education programs for women. She devotes most of her dirt time and study to animal tracking and bird language, as these are two of her biggest loves.

About the location

Originally near the southern end of the Abenaki people’s territory the Hogback Mountain Conservation Area was formed in 2006 after the closing of a local ski area. The ridge between the Deerfield River and Green River watersheds creates a beautiful natural “travel corridor” that funnels wildlife through narrow areas and creates a relative abundance of tracks as they pass back and forth between Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts. Consisting mostly of Sugar Maple, American Beech, and Yellow Birch hardwoods (with White Pine, Eastern Hemlock, and other conifers mixed in) these forests allow epic ecological stories to play out. Moose feed here in the winter, as do bobcats. Mink and otter are seen in the wetland areas. See the bear sign on mature beech trees. And so much more.


  • Maximum 10 participants
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